About Us

Steps labeled with CTA linesThe Transit Wire provides information on state-of-the-art technologies used in the public transportation industry. Our goal is to present current, useful and objective information to transit properties, government agencies, researchers, consultants, and vendors.

About the Editor

Susan Bregman is the editor of The Transit Wire. She is also the principal of Oak Square Resources, LLC, a DBE-certified consulting firm that she founded in 2004 to focus on transit research, policy, and communications.

Project History

This project was funded for its first year of operation by the Transit Cooperative Research Program as TCRP Project J-09 Task 11. URS Corporation led the original project for TCRP, with support from Oak Square Resources. Robert Brodesky was publisher and project manager, Susan Bregman was editor, and Shubha Shrivastava was associate editor.

Contact Us

We invite you to email us with questions, comments, photos to share, or story leads.

Email: editor@thetransitwire.com

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