Model of proposed Simba Snoozeliner

UK company wants riders to snooze on the bus

A British company wants to roll out the Snoozeliner — a bus equipped with 14 sleeping pods for weary commuters.

Mattress manufacturer Simba has been working on the idea for months and hopes to introduce the service on eight routes in four UK cities in August 2018. Fares are expected to begin at £8.50.

The sleeping pods will have Simba mattresses, of course, along with WiFi, USB ports, and storage for valuables.  The compartments will also be equipped with aromatherapy scent infusions, amber light — said to be conducive to sleeping — and blackout blinds. Customers will tap in their destination upon boarding, and an attendant will wake them up when it’s time to alight.

“For workers and party-goers alike – the prospect of walking straight into your bed as soon as you’ve finished is the dream, but for many it can involve a lengthy commute home when you’re shattered or a bit worse for wear,” said Simba CEO James Cox in a statement. “The Snoozeliner service is all about helping people top up some valuable lost sleep time in a design that’s every bit as comfortable as their bed at home.”

Operational details are still sketchy — like how long the trips are expected to be and who will operate the service — and the company expects to iron out the details over the next few months. “We know there will be lots of red tape to wade through, but are looking forward to firming up meetings with local authorities in the New Year,” Cox said.

Image source: SWNS Digital


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