TriMet virtual Hop Fastpass on smart phone

TriMet and Google launch virtual transit farecard

TriMet (OR) and Google are teaming up to make the Hop Fastpass available in Android Pay. Beta testing starts this month with a full launch planned for early 2018.

Currently TriMet riders using Android Pay can tap their smart phones to purchase an adult fare. Integrating the Hop Fastpass will provide Android Pay users with all the benefits of the physcial Hop smart card. Customers will be able to purchase youth, honored citizen, or adult fares with an Android smart phone and reload value online.

During the beta test, selected TriMet, C-TRAN, and Portland Streetcar beta testers will be able to download the Hop Fastpass mobile app from the Google Play store and purchase a Virtual Hop card for their preferred fare category.

TriMet introduced the Hop Fastpass in 2017.

Photo source: TriMet

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