nuTonomy autonomous car in front of Boston Public Library

Lyft launches self-driving test in Boston

Ride-hailing company Lyft launched a pilot program in Boston (MA) in partnership with self-driving car company nuTonomy.  Starting Wednesday, selected Lyft customers in the city’s Seaport district will be matched with one of nuTonomy’s autonomous vehicles.

According to a nuTonomy blog post, the project has two goals — To enable riders to experience driverless vehicles and to gather feedback for improving the system.  The vehicles are not completely driverless; a driver is on board in case of emergency.

NuTonomy originated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was recently acquired by Delphi Automotive.

Lyft initially teamed up with nuTonomy in June and the latter has been testing sutonomous cars in Boston’s Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park and adjacent neighborhoods. Link to full story in The Verge.

Photo source: nuTonomy

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