Instagram-style detail of South Station

Boston developer pushes gondola for seaport access

Could a gondola be right for Boston?

A private developer with interests in the city’s Seaport District, is looking to the sky for transportation alternatives.

Millennium Partners is reportedly taking a closer look at the idea, which would link an elevated platform near South Station with a waterfront industrial park about a mile away. The developers have built a full-scale model of a gondola pod — not available for public viewing — and produced a promotional video for what they are calling the “Prime Line.”

The firm began pitching the gondola late last summer and indicated a willingness to invest $100 million in the project.  “We can’t continue to focus on the same old things like shuttles and water taxis,” Millennium spokesman Michael Vaughan said in August. “This is an application that’s totally different, totally doable and would serve not just our project, but the industrial park and the South Boston community.” Project proponents say the gondola could carry 15,000 people a day between South Station and the seaport. Link to full story in Boston Magazine.

Photo credit: Matt/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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