Graphic showing new ferry in Sydney fleet

Sydney welcomes Ferry McFerryface

Remember Boaty McBoatface? In 2016, the UK’s National Environment Research Council ran an online contest to name its research vessel.  Instead of something inspirational, they got Boaty McBoatface.

Now Australians have a quirky vessel of their own.  Transport for New South Wales ran its own online contest to name the new ferries in the Sydney fleet, and more than 15,000 participated.

The actual winner was Boaty McBoatface, but Transport for NSW decided to avoid confusion by adopting the runner-up name.  “Given Boaty was already taken by another vessel, we’ve gone with the next most popular name nominated by Sydneysiders,” said Andrew Constance, minister for transport and infrastructure. “Ferry McFerryface will be the harbor’s newest icon, and I hope it brings a smile to the faces of visitors and locals alike.”

Common sense prevailed with the other vessels, which were named after Sydney Aborigines Bungaree and Pemulwuy and Australian doctors Victor Chan, Catherine Hamlin and Fred Hollows. Link to full story in the Telegraph.

Image source: NSW Public Transport via Facebook

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