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Adelaide Metro tests mobile payment options

The South Australia Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure is testing two mobile payment options for possible use on Adelaide Metro.

Starting in October, 50 DPTI staffers began testing two smart phone applications — the JustRide platform from Masabi, which allows customers to buy and store tickets in a virtual wallet, and Xerox Seamless, which uses an app on NFC-enabled smart phones.

“While Metrocard will continue to be the ticket of choice for many South Australians, contactless payment would provide another option that would make it easier and more convenient for customers to pay for a ticket,”said transport minister Stephen Mullighan.

“If the trial is successful and the survey shows adequate demand for smartphone ticketing, consideration will be given to introducing the technology across the Adelaide Metro network in addition to the current ticketing system,” he added.

Adelaide Metro has posted a brief online survey to gauge public interest in mobile ticketing. Link to full story in InDaily.

Image source: Adelaide Metro

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