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Miami mayor supports trackless trains

Uh-oh. The mayor of Miami (FL) wants to introduce trackless trains instead of expanding Metrorail.

Mayor Carolos Gimenez has reconsidered his previous support of rail expansion in favor of the high-tech vehicles currently being tested in China. The rubber-tire vehicles are a cross between light rail and bus rapid transit. They use sensors to follow a painted pathway, creating a “virtual rail line.” Each vehicle carries about 300 passengers.

“I believe we are on the cusp of unbelievable transformation, driven by new technology that will place us ahead of other cities because we are in the midst of creating a transportation infrastructure with those new technologies in mind,” Gimenez told the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. “It’s a solution we can implement now. Not one that will take decades to complete.”

Not everyone is convinced. “So far, train is the option most people are advocating for,” said county commissioner Daniella Levine Cava. “Not only because they prefer the idea of the train, but also because it would be a logical extension and continuation of the Metrorail.”

Gimenez said he plans to travel to China to visit CRRC, the government-owned manufacturer of the vehicles. Link to full story in Miami Herald.

Image source: Promotional image via Miami Herald

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