Special MetroCards with text from Barbara Kruger

MTA issues special MetroCards from artist Barbara Kruger

MetroCards may be on the way out, but the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NY) is taking advantage of the time remaining for the farecards.

On November 1, the MTA issued 50,000 limited-edition MetroCards that display provocative questions from artist Barbara Kruger in her distinctive white-on-red lettering style.

The cards pose questions about power and privilege that are drawn from her previous works: Who is healed? Who is housed? Who is silent? Who speaks?

Using MetroCards as a platform resonated with the artist. “I take the subway six times a day when I’m in the city,” she told the New York Times.  “The level of dispersal and distribution of meaning is huge.”

The cards will be randomly distributed through vending machines at four MTA stations: Queensboro Plaza, Broadway-Lafayette Street, East Broadway, and the B/C station at 116th Street.  “I tried to have a range of stations to have the most varied mix of riders,” she told the Times.

The MetroCards will complement several other installations from Kruger, including a billboard in Chelsea, a banners in a skate park on the Lower East Side, and a wrapped school bus. Link to full story in the New York Times.

Image source: Performa 17

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