Bridj vehicle in Back Bay

Bridj to relaunch in Australia

Bridj might be making a comeback. BostInno reports that the data-driven transportation company, which shut down in April, will resurface in Sydney after acquisition by Australian transportation operator Transit Systems.

Details are still sketchy but, according to the Australian Financial Review, Bridj will test commuter bus services in a Sydney neighborhood as part of a pilot program from Transport for NSW.

“There is a lot of appetite amongst governments for this type of service,” John Langford-Ely, general manager of the company now known as Bridj Pty Ltd, told the Financial Review. “They see the problems with congestion and city streets choking and they are resource-constrained.”

“We have on-demand movies, on-demand food, and finally – NSW will have on-demand transport,” said Andrew Constance, NSW minister for transport and infrastructure, in a statement. Transport for NSW is testing eight on-demand services from multiple operators.

And, in case you were wondering, a post on the Bridj Facebook page says that the Bridj team is “working towards recommencing operations in the USA.”  Stay tuned.

Photo credit: Susan Mara Bregman

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