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APTA exhibitors launch new apps

Thousands of transit professionals have converged in Atlanta for the American Public Transportation Association Expo this week, and several exhibitors have launched new products.

  • The days of a single mobile application that does it all are getting closer.  Masabi announced that its Justride SDK will be integrated into the Transit app.  Customers at participating agencies will be able to use the Transit app to plan a multimodal trip, track a vehicle, and — now — purchase a transit ticket.  The Justride Software Development Kit allows agencies to deploy mobile ticketing solely through the Transit app or run alongside a branded mobile ticketing application.
  • Also at the APTA Expo, Citilabs launched Flow, a transit planning, operating, and reporting system for monitoring and predicting transit system performance. The platform uses big data and predictive methodologies to replicate passenger movements and forecast ridership.
  • Conduent introduced a mobile payment app based on near-field communication technology.  Once operators install NFC tags throughout their fleet, customers can tap an NFC-enabled smart phone on the tag to pay the fare.  Billing is processed at the end of each month.  Currently the app is available only for Android smart phones, but a version is coming for Bluetooth-enabled iPhones.  A successful pilot was conducted with the transit operator in Valence, France.

Image source: Masabi

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