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Cleveland RTA uses scavenger hunt to promote transit

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (OH) is hosting the Search the City challegne for the fifth year.

On Saturday September 16, participants will test their knowledge of Cleveland’s transit-accessible landmarks from 10 AM until 2 PM.┬áTeams will receive clues, ride the RTA in search of landmarks, and record their finds with a photo, video, or online check-in.

Here are a couple of examples from past contests, courtesy of the The Plain Dealer:

Clue: Stop, drop and roll your way to this downtown museum for a sneak peak at their collections and educational exhibits. It’s not open to the public yet, so get there while the opportunity is HOT!

Answer: Western Reserve Fire Museum

Clue: Celebrating aviation and space travel, this museum includes many artifacts, photographs, and artwork. All with a view of Lake Erie.

Answer: International Women’s Air and Space Museum

Teams of two, four, or six members can sign up for $15 per player at RTA Search the City via Eventbrite; the price covers fares, refreshments, T-shirts, and prizes for the winners.

RTA is using a mobile application called Scavify, and participants must have a smart phone to play. Link to full story in The Plain Dealer.

Image source: RTA

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