Detail from TTC anti-harassment campaign with hashtag #ThisIsWhere

TTC launches anti-harassment campaign and safety app

The Toronto Transit Commission (ON) launched a public awareness campaign and mobile safety application to fight harassment and enhance public safety for TTC passengers.

A public information campaign, called “This is Where…,” focuses on customer experiences with harassment based on sex, gender identity, ability, and race.  A social media campaign was rolled out to further spread the anti-harassment message (but the hashtag #ThisIsWhere seems to be also associated with the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit).

To complement the campaign, TTC rolled out the SafeTTC mobile app.  The app enables passengers to report non-emergency concerns and suspicious activities to a dedicated terminal in the TTC’s Transit Control Centre for a staff response.

“The TTC knows that harassment is unfortunately too common. To do nothing about it, to try and hide it, or worse, to deny it exists, is a disservice to our customers and to public safety in general,” said TTC chief customer officer Kirsten Watson. “With this campaign, we are putting those who would harass others on notice. We know you’re out there, and your actions are unacceptable, unwelcome, and are under scrutiny.”

ELERTS developed the safety app for TTC. Link to full story in Toronto Star.

Image source: Toronto Transit Commission

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