Photo of entrance to London Underground station

TfL uses WiFi data to analyze travel behavior

Transport for London (UK) is using customer WiFi data to better understand travel patterns.

In a four-week pilot late last year, TfL collected WiFi connection data from customers’ mobile devices at 54 stations. After anonymizing the data, TfL’s analytics team used the information to gain insight into how people move throughout the system.

“This pilot has revealed useful insights into how people criss-cross London using the Tube, and the potential benefits this depersonalized data could unlock, from providing better customer data to helping address overcrowding, are enormous,” said Lauren Sager Weinstein, chief data officer, in a statement. “We are now working closely with key stakeholders to examine our next steps and, as with the pilot, will keep our customers informed while also respecting their privacy and offering a way to opt-out should they wish.”

The pilot program collected data from 5.6 million mobile devices associated with about 42 million trips.

Photo (c) Transport for London

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