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Weekend round-up

It’s all about the apps this week, with mobile application rollouts in Sonoma and Marin Counties, Toronto, Washington, New York City, Oneonta, and Tompkins County.

Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (CA), the new commuter rail service in the San Francisco Bay Area, is offering its customers a mobile ticketing option. SMART eTickets are integrated with the Transit mobile application to provide trip-planning and real-time vehicle location information. Customers can also use the regional Clipper Card to pay fares. Masabi developed the mobile ticketing app for SMART.

A vehicle tracking app called When Transit has launched in Toronto (ON) and Washington (DC).  The GPS-based app is also available in New York City and Chicago (IL). Link to full story in Digital Journal.

CityLab recently highlighted a new feature for New York City commuters on the Citymapper mobile app.  The app now incorporates service status for Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NY) services — including incidents, construction, and outages — into route recommendations.  The app uses artificial intelligence to read the strings of text the MTA uses to display disruptions and delays on its website and translates them into user-friendly language.  Other tools can address planned disruptions, but Citymapper claims to be the only app to incorporate real-time information about service changes. Link to full story in CityLab.

A new mobile app called the Cooperstown-Oneonta HUB tracks the location of Oneonta Public Transit (NY) buses.  The GPS-based tracker expands an earlier version that was designed for local college students. The app is a one-stop information center for the area, providing information about local restaurants, housing, and events in addition to transit. The app was designed by Sweet Home Productions and is supported by advertising. SHP has a three-year contract with the city of Oneonta, which will receive a small percentage of advertising revenues. Link to full story in The Daily Star.

Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit (NY) rolled out real-time bus-tracking information late last month. Information is available on the TCAT website and multiple third-party applications. “Everyone has preferences about what types of interface they like to work with and what they’re really trying to get out of an app,” said TCAT service development manager Matt Yarrow in a statement.

Image source: SMART via iTunes

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