MTA subway station sign at night

MTA uses Bluetooth tech for next-train info

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NY) is using beacon technology to support countdown clocks on two more subway lines.

Next-train information is now live on the E and G lines, and the MTA expects to install countdown clocks in all lettered line stations by the end of 2017.

“Beacon technology does not involve invasive modifications to station infrastructure and can be deployed at a fraction of the costs associated with the countdown clocks already in the system,” said managing director Veronique Hakim in a statement.

The MTA placed four low-energy Bluetooth beacons on each train set and two receivers on each platform. LCD display screens at each station provide customers with real-time train arrival information.

To date, the MTA has installed countdown clocks at 296 stations.

Photo credit: Susan Mara Bregman

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