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Weekend round-up

Some stories you may have missed last week: London and Las Vegas report payment milestones and Pittsburgh uses local celebs for train announcements.

Transport for London (UK) reached 1 billion pay-as-you-go journeys with its contactless bank card and mobile payment system. According to TfL, 40% of pay-as-you-go trips used contactless technology in 2016 — up from 25% a year before — and contactless trips average 2 million per day. “I’m delighted that we’ve hit one billion contactless journeys in London,” said Mayor of London Sadiq Khan in a statement. “The dramatic increase in the use of contactless over the last year shows the real progress we’ve made making journeys easier and more convenient for busy Londoners and also visitors to our city.” TfL began accepting contactless payment on buses in 2012 and extended the system to rail two years later. Cubic partnered with TfL to develop the contactless payment system.

In Las Vegas, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada also reported a milestone — more than 100,000 bus passes purchased since the introduction of the rideRTC mobile payment application last November.  The mobile app has helped the agency save about $10,000 in costs to print paper passes.  The rideRTC app uses Masabit’s JustRide mobile ticketing and fare collection platform.

You’re not hearing things. The Pittsburgh International Airport asks local celebrities to record the welcome messages on the airport train. The current cast of 16 voices includes sports figures, broadcasters, and representatives from cultural organizations. Documentary film producer Rick Sebak of WQED is the latest member of the team. “Welcome to Pittsburgh, home to great neighborhoods, amazing food, world-class innovation — a slightly goofy way of talking — and also home to America’s first community-sponsored public TV station, WQED, where Fred Rogers taped all the episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” he says in his message. Link to full story in TribLive.

Photo credit: Susan Mara Bregman

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