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Why a teenager should run your Twitter account

When Southern Rail (UK) turned over its Twitter account to a 15-year old intern named Eddie, the results were unexpected.

Instead of the usual vitriol — “thousands of furious, frustrated commuters yowling at their aggressors,” as the Evening Standard describes a typical day — the conversation turned downright civil.

Users did not pelt Eddie with impotent, misplaced fury, nor did they issue death threats, or suggest Eddie boil himself alive, or set himself on fire. Instead, they asked him questions.

Eddie was polite, patient, and engaging.  He did not jump to conclusions or display cynicism.  He answered questions and directed riders to information on Southern’s website.  And he offered opinions on dinner options (chicken fajitas or Thai green curry?).

Thanks to Eddie, the Evening Standard concludes, “Twitter became the sort of searching, thoughtful place that idealists and fantasists thought it always could be.” At least for an afternoon. Link to full story in Evening Standard.

Image source: Southern Railway Twitter page

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One Response to Why a teenager should run your Twitter account

  1. K S Heinle July 14, 2017 at 10:14 am #

    Good job by Eddie! Yes, Social Customer Service needs a unique vibe. And we are lucky that the young (and a few not so young) adults that defne @septa_social do it so well! We will follow Eddie to make sure we are not growing up too fast!

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