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BART directors seek more transparency on crime info

Two members of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (CA) board of directors are criticizing the agency for not sharing information about recent crimes on the system.

When police chief Carlos Rojas was appointed in May, he made the decision to use the free online tool to share crime reports.  The tool allows users to view general crime reports but does not provide detailed information.  Previously BART issued daily reports on police calls, including a narrative description of the report and the department’s response; the daily reports were distributed via email.

“He pitched the idea that it was a modern tool used by other departments in the area,” said BART spokesman Taylor Huckaby about Rojas’s transition to the online tool. “It generates charts and graphs and would show data over time. He felt that was a better solution to publicly report crime on BART than a curated list.”

The criticism follows a recent string of high-profile robberies where BART came under fire for not sharing information about the incidents with the public.

In a related story, Rojas said BART would release information about incidents on a “case-by-case basis.”  He also defended the agency’s use of “We went to to increase the access of information for all people that have internet connections,” he said. Link to full story in East Bay Times.

Photo credit: Susan Mara Bregman

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