Bixi Bikeshare in Montreal

Weekend round-up

Some stories you may have missed last week: Straddling bus scandal continues, Montreal integrates transit and bike-share payment, and The Hague adopts mobile ticketing.

The saga of the straddling bus will not end. The Telegraph reports that Chinese authorities have arrested all 32 employees of the Transit Elevated Bus company.  Fearing that the project was an investment scam, police are trying to recover the assets of investors. Project backers had been offered a 12% return. Link to full story in The Telegraph.

Montreal-area cyclists can now use a transit pass to pay for their bike-share rental according to the Société de transport de Montréal (QC).  Customers with the Opus card can pay for a single trip on a BIXI bicycle at any of the city’s 540 docking stations.  The program follows a successful pilot, and Montreal officials say this makes their city the first in North America to integrate public transportation and bicycle-sharing payment media. Link to full story in CBC News.

HTM Personenvervoer NV, the public transportation provider for The Hague, in the Netherlands, has introduced mobile ticketing for trams and buses. “The introduction of mobile ticketing in The Hague is the first city-wide deployment of its kind anywhere in the Netherlands,” said Brian Zanghi, CEO of Masabi, which developed the app. “This is a landmark project that is changing the way people travel in the city, with passengers able to buy tickets anywhere, anytime at the touch of a button.”

Photo source: STM

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