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SEPTA to upgrade real-time vehicle location info

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority will provide more accurate real-time vehicle location information thanks to a technology upgrade.

The data will support customer-facing applications and internal SEPTA analytics.  “It’s an enormous amount of data that can give you day-in and day-out performance,” said general manager Jeff Knueppel.

SEPTA installed cellular modems in almost 1,400 buses and 159 trolleys and added similar equipment to Regional Rail trains when positive train control was introduced. Starting at the end of July, modems will provide SEPTA and its riders with vehicle-location data that refreshes every 30 seconds. This is a substantial improvement over the updates currently available on SEPTA’s mobile application and at rail stations, both of which refresh every 3-7 minutes. By the end of summer, maps on SEPTA’s website and app, TrainView, and TransitView will receive information from the modems.

The modems don’t work in tunnels, so SEPTA is installing a network of sensors for subways and underground trolley service. By mid-2018 the sensors will support the countdown clocks to be installed at all subway stops.  Link to full story in

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