Downtown Berkeley BART station

BART finishes installing on-board cameras

Bay Area Rapid Transit (CA) has completed its project to outfit every train car in the fleet with working security cameras.

“The installation of new digital cameras demonstrates our commitment to public safety,” said BART Police Chief Carlos Rojas in a statement. “These cameras will be an effective tool for solving crimes that occur on the BART system by helping investigators to identify suspects. The devices will also serve as a deterrent to prevent some crimes from ever occurring in the first place.”

In January 2016, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that many of the cameras on-board BART trains were decoys.  Since that story broke, BART made the commitment to install working cameras in every train by July 1, 2017.

The cameras and related equipment cost $463,749; the full cost, including labor and other materials, was $1.42 million.  Funds came from BART’s operating budget.

The cameras have a useful life of six to seven years, which is consistent with the schedule for retiring BART’s older cars.  All new rail cars will include built-in cameras.

Photo credit: Peter Alfred Hess/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


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