Map with a pin at Montargis

Two French cities go mobile

Transit operators in the French cities of Orleans and Montargis are offering their customers an integrated option to plan a trip and purchase a ticket through a single mobile application.

Keolis launched the Plan Book Ticket app, which uses JustRide SDK from Masabi.  The software development kit enables agencies to incorporate mobile payment into existing travel information, booking, and planning apps.

“Thanks to Masabi technology, we are able to provide to French PTAs a mobile ticket with the same validation and control experience for passengers as with the usual contactless card. This is absolutely critical to prevent fare evasion,” said Laurent Kocher, executive director for marketing, innovation, and services of Keolis Group, in a statement. “Montargis and Orleans are the first cities in France that benefit from this new application and digital experience in 2017,” he added.

The Orleans deployment follows the Amelys Montargis network, which went live earlier this year after a trial with 50 customers.

Image source: Masabi

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