Sacramento-area Connect Card at a reader

Weekend round-up

Some stories you may have missed last week: GoTriangle creates a promo video, Fire Island Water Taxi launches mobile payment, and Sacramento-area agencies introduce smart card.

GoTriangle (NC) launched a rap video and original song called Ride the Bus to coincide with national Dump the Pump day last week.  “We wanted to come up with an entertaining way to make sure more people know how easy it is to ride and know about all the benefits of transit,” says Mike Charbonneau, GoTriangle’s director of communications and marketing, in a statement. “We also wanted them to know it can be fun.”  Videographer Stefan Walz added, “Not everyone absorbs information the same way. Video in this tech-fast world we live in today has the potential to gain more views while conveying the same information to broad audiences.” The video is available on YouTube at

The Fire Island Water Taxi (NY) is testing a mobile payment application this summer.  The app was laucned after Memorial Day and, if things go smoothly, mobile payment will be extended to the Fire Island Ferries in September.  “So far, we haven’t hit any road blocks, but for the taxis, we’re talking about tens of thousands of passengers each summer. For the ferries, its hundreds of thousands,” said Tim Mooney, president of Fire Island Ferries, which also owns the water taxi service.  “We just want to make sure we have everything in line.”   Masabi developed the payment app. Link to full story in Newsday.

Nine agencies in the Sacramento (CA) area announced the launch of the regional Connect Card. The smart card will allow seamless travel between cities and counties in the region.  Participating agencies are  Sacramento Regional Transit, El Dorado Transit, Elk Grove’s e-tran system, Folsom Stage Line, Placer County Transit, Roseville Transit, South County Transit Link, Yolobus, and Yuba-Sutter Transit. Sacramento RT customers also have a mobile payment option.

Photo source: Connect Card

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