GO Transit considers hydrogen-powered trains

The province of Ontario announced plans to study the feasibility of introducing hydrogen-powered passenger trains for the GO Transit network.

The announcement comes as the province gets set to launch a study and public review process on electrifying GO lines under its regional express rail program.

The feasibility study will help the province choose between hydrogen-powered and traditional electric trains for the regional program.

“This is a decision that we’re making that will have to last for a generation and beyond, so we want to make sure that we’re at the leading edge of the technology,” transportation minister Steven Del Duca told the Toronto Star.  “It could be traditional electrification, it could be electrification by hydrogen fuel cell. It could be a combination of both.”

Trains powered by hydrogen fuel cells are not in passenger service, but some have been tested in Europe.  Link to full story in Toronto Star.

Photo credit: Buddahbless/Flickr

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