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Uber CEO to take leave of absence as company rebuilds

Following a series of crises, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick will take a leave of absence as the ride-hailing company works to redefine its corporate culture.

Shortly after Kalanick announced his plans, Uber released a series of recommendations for changing the company based on an investigation by former attorney general Eric Holder and his law firm Covington & Burling.

Recommendations focused on four broad themes: Tone at the top, trust, transformation, and accountability.  Specifics influded the following:

  • Review and reallocate some of Kalanick’s ressponsibilities to other executives
  • Adopt a zero-tolerance plicy for substantiated complaints of discuimination and harassment.
  • Publish diversity statistics.
  • Use performance reviews to hold senior managers accountable.
  • Introduce more independent oversight on the board.

“Implementing these recommendations will improve our culture, promote fairness and accountability, and establish processes and systems to ensure the mistakes of the past will not be repeated,” said Liane Hornsey, Uber’s chief of human resources, in a statement. “While change does not happen overnight, we’re committed to rebuilding trust with our employees, riders and drivers.”

Kalanick’s leave comes after a boating accident last month that killed his mother and injured his father.  Link to full story in FortuneThe recommendations are available here.

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