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Metrolinx to review Presto privacy policy

Days after the Toronto Star revealed that Metrolinx (ON) shared Presto smart card customer data with police, the agency launched a review of its privacy policy.

“Trust me, we are taking this very seriously,” said Mary Martin, Metrolinx general counsel and chief privacy officer. “We’re going to really look at the issue extremely thoroughly to make sure that we’ve got it right.”

In the year to date, Metrolinx received 26 requests from police for customer travel records and granted 12 of them.  Six of the 12 were missing persons cases and six were criminal investigations; the police had a warrant for only two of the cases.

Martin said that the law gives the agency the discretion to request a warrant, but a court order is not required.  Metrolinx has no formal policy guiding the decision. “If the request were, let’s say, we thought it was overly broad, that would be concerning to us,” she said. “We have required them in circumstances like that. But in other circumstances we thought it was not as important.”

Metrolinx expects to complete its review within several weeks. Link to full story in Toronto Star.

Photo source: Metrolinx

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