Screenshot showing bus bays at Hempstead

Nassau County app helps blind riders navigate transit center

Nassau Inter-County Express (NY) launched a mobile application to help blind and visually impaired riders navigate a crowded transportation terminal.

The AWARE app uses Bluetooth low-energy beacons to provide location information for the Rosa Parks Transit Center in Hempstead. Beacons have been placed at bus bays, exits, ticket machines, restrooms, and a newsstand.  “We placed I-beacons at each bus bay so users will hear the name of the bus line that stops at each location when he or she passes by, it in real time, without the need to constantly rely on memory or count steps,” said Rasha Said, CEO of Sensible Innovations, which developed the app in partnership with NICE.

“AWARE is an easy-to-obtain, easy-to-use transit tool that has been customized to assist our visually impaired riders to make using the Parks center easier,” NICE CEO Michael Setzer said.  Sensible Innovations developed the AWARE app in 2015, but the NICE partnership is the first transit deployment. Link to full story in Newsday.

Image source: AWARE App Screen Capture

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