Photo of MBTA Green Line train

MBTA uses technology to speed up Green Line

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is using technology to speed up its Green Line light rail service.

For the B Line, a surface branch the operates in a median along Boston streets, the MBTA is working with the city to introduce traffic signal priority at key intersections. Officials estimate that the signal coordination in combination with stop consolidation can save about a minute per trip.

On the D Line, which runs on a dedicated right-of-way, the authority is testing software that will allow dispatchers to adjust train departures to avoid bunching.  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed the software; in a pilot test, the variability in train arrivals at stations along the branch decreased by 42%.

The MBTA expects to complete the traffic signal work in 2017, and the new software and station consolidation will be implemented in 2019. Link to full story in CommonWealth.

Photo credit: Susan Mara Bregman

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