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COTA teams up with mobile app to ease transition to new routes

Transit officials in Columbus want to be sure that riders are prepared when the agency launches a redesigned bus system on May 1. So the Central Ohio Transit Authority teamed up with mobile application Transit to help its riders get ready.

As of April 18 — about two weeks before the launch — riders using the Transit app could toggle between the current and new transit systems to see how their routes will change. The goal is to reduce the awkward transition time when riders are getting used to new routes, stops, and schedules.

“We’re excited to launch our new network, which will be easier to understand and navigate, and will serve an unmet demand for frequent COTA service seven days a week,” said Curtis Stitt, COTA president and CEO, in a statement. “We’re also pleased that our ongoing partnership with Transit will help make the transition for our customers as convenient and smooth as possible.”

“We think this marketing collaboration can become part of the playbook for other transit agencies looking to overhaul their bus network,” said Transit COO Jake Sion. “Strong rider education is at the core of a successful rollout.”

In addition to the partnership with Transit, COTA has an interactive map on its website showing the new service.  The agency also plans to offer free fares from May 1 through May 7.

Image source: Transit

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