RIPTA bus in downtown Providence

RIPTA rolls out talking bus technology

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority is introducing buses that warn pedestrians and motorists when the bus is turning.

The buses flash orange lights and play an automated announcement that says, “Caution! The bus is turning,” The buses issue the alert when the driver turns the wheel.

About 90% of RIPTA’s buses are equipped with the technology, and the rest of the fleet will be outfitted over the next few weeks. RIPTA’s board authorized the $400,000 program last fall.  “We really think this will come down to technology helping us save lives, and there’s really no price on that,” RIPTA spokeswoman Barbara Polichetti told WPRI.

Protran Technology provided the turn-alert system.  Link to full story in WPRI.

Photo credit: Susan Mara Bregman

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