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MARTA provides real-time parking info

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (GA)  is providing customers with real-time capacity information for 10 parking facilities across the rail system. This follows the collapse of a bridge on Interstate-85 on March 30, which forced many regional commuters to consider transit.

“The launch of this real-time parking platform enables riders to plan their morning commutes to our various stations that have been near or at capacity since the I-85 bridge collapse,” said general manager and CEO Keith T. Parker in a statement. “With the increase in ridership, it is imperative that we look to enhance our communications to help make everyone’s commute as worry-free as possible.”

MARTA’s website will provide real-time updates from 6 AM to 10 AM on weekdays with periodic updates during the day for 10 of the agency’s busiest parking facilities. Information is also available via Twitter and Facebook. The status updates are binary: a green symbol shows availability and a red symbol appears when the lot is full.

For commuters who choose not to drive to a rail station, Uber is offering a 50% discount on UberPOOL trips to and from MARTA stations.

MARTA ridership grew 20% systemwide in the days following the highway collapse.

Photo credit: Susan Mara Bregman

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