Photo of UTA light rail vehicle

Utah researchers use light-rail vehicles to collect air quality data

Researchers at the University of Utah are using light-rail vehicles from the Utah Transit Authority to study air quality in the Salt Lake Valley.

The researchers have installed air-quality monitors on two TRAX light-rail vehicles to collect information about airborne pollutants.

“The idea’s been around for a long time to put these kind of instruments on public transit,” said postdoctoral researcher Logan Mitchell.  “The Red Line ends up being really ideal from an atmospheric science standpoint because it draws a diagonal across the whole city,” Mitchell added. “We’re able to capture the dense urban center and much more rural areas, which ends up being really interesting.”

UTA provides the rail cars, schedules monthly maintenance inspections, and ensures that the trains run on different lines to maximize data collection sites.  The university is reponsible for maintaining the euqipment.

“UTA’s hope is that not only will the study goals and objectives result in a greater understanding of the air quality challenges facing the Wasatch region, but it will also increase awareness of the green benefits of public transportation and encourage the next generation of UTA riders,” said UTA spokesman Remi Barron in an email to Progressive Railroading.  Link to full story in Progressive Railroading.

Photo source: UTA

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