Tower Transit bus

Singapore introduces “signature scent” on buses

Tower Transit Singapore is introducing a “signature scent” on 100 buses this month.

“Our hope is that as you step out of the humidity onto a Tower Transit bus, the scent will diffuse weariness from your commute, relax you, and make your journey more pleasant,” said Glenn Lim, Tower Transit’s group communications director, in a statement.

The scent, which appears to be nameless, was developed by AllSense.  It includes green, citrus, and floral notes over a base of sandalwood and ylang ylang.  Customer reaction was mixed, according to BBC News.

But there’s good news for the passengers who can’t get enough of the fragrance. TTS will be distributing scented hand sanitizers later this month, and other scented lifestyle products may follow.

Photo source: Tower Transit


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