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Arizona asks the public to suggest safety slogans for highway signs

It’s not exactly transit, but the Arizona Department of Transportation is holding a fun contest.

The agency has always had a knack for posting quirky safety messages on its highway signs (“Hello from the other side, buckle up and stay alive”), and now ADOT is asking the public to get creative.

People are invited to submit safety messages through February 19. The winning slogan will appear on signs across the state. The rules are simple:

  • Signs accommodate three lines and 18 characters per line, including spaces.
  • Hashtags, phone numbers, and website addresses are not allowed.
  • Signs can’t accommodate emojis.

The messages may be light-hearted, but the goal is serious. “We want to get to a point where impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding, and aggressive driving are socially unacceptable,” said Kevin Biesty, ADOT deputy director for policy, in a statement. “The messages ADOT displays on signs are a good way to start those conversations.”

After February 19, ADOT will review submissions and select 15 messages to advance to the next round. Finalists will be posted on the agency website in March for a public vote. The winning message will appear on dynamic message signs for two days in April.

By the way, Massachusetts had a similar contest a few years ago.

Photo source: ADOT


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