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TriMet starts rolling out electronic fare system

On Sunday, TriMet (OR) started a limited roll-out of Hop Fastpass, its electronic fare system.

In the first stage of the roll-out, cards were distributed to the agency’s retirees, employees, and their families.  A public beta test will begin this month, and staff at selected schools and employers will start using the system this spring.  The public launch is planned for July.

The system deducts funds from a rider’s account every time he or she taps a card reader. But unlike traditional stored-value cards, the Hop Fastpass allows riders to pay the same per-trip fare as passholders without the upfront investment.

While cardholders pay as they go, the Fastpass caps payments when the rider reaches the equivalent of a day or monthly pass. After a customer pays two fares in a single day, additional trips in the same day are free — just like a day pass. The card will also cap payments in a calendar month once the rider has paid for the equivalent of a monthly pass. Link to full story in The Oregonian.

Image source: Hop Fastpass

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One Response to TriMet starts rolling out electronic fare system

  1. Michael Benami Doyle February 2, 2017 at 11:34 pm #

    So were they actually trying to infringe on the IHOP logo or what? Because that’s dangerously close.

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