NYU Image for C2SMART program

NYU-led consortium to study urban mobility challenges

The U.S. Department of Transportation has selected a research consortium led by the New York University Tandon School of Engineering to tackle urban mobility challenges.

The new research and education center, to be known as Connected Cities for Smart Mobility toward Accessible and Resilient Transportation or C2SMART, will receive a five-year $7 million grant from USDOT. Matching funds will bring the budget to $10.5 million for the five years.

“Rather than just focusing on developing technologies that make a city smarter, we are dedicated to the critical step of connecting disparate technologies for cities of different populations, infrastructure scales, and systems,” said C2SMART director Kaan Ozbay in a statement.

The University of Washington at Seattle, University of Texas El Paso, Rutgers University (NJ), and City University of New York will join NYU to use their home cities as living laboratories to study transportation problems and field test innovative mobility solutions.

Image source: NYU

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