Token Transit mobile payment app for Reno

A trio of travel apps

Here are some of the latest mobile and web-based tools designed to make travel easier: A software development kit from Masabi, mobile ticketing in Reno, and a website for booking last-minute intercity travel.

Masabi introduced JustRide SDK, a mobile ticketing software development kit for the mass transit industry. The SDK allows Masabi’s strategic partners to incorporate mobile ticketing into existing applications.  Keolis is the first SDK customer through its digital subsidiary Kisio.  The integrated app is currently in public beta test in Montargis, France, and will launch in January.

In Reno, the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County (NV) introduced a mobile ticketing app. The Token Transit app enables users to purchase a bus pass with a smart phone. “The new technology will make it even easier to ride RTC transit services,” said executive director Lee Gibson in a statement.  “It used to be necessary to have exact change or to buy a pass online or at a ticket vending machine, now you can buy a pass simply on your phone anywhere and anytime.”

Wanderu, which is focused on the intercity bus and rail market, has released a travel tool called Explore by Wanderu to help customers find cheap last-minute tickets. “It’s really useful for people who have a weekend off (or no plans for the holidays) and want to go somewhere but don’t know where,” Wanderu public relations manager Staffo Dobrev told BostInno in an email. “It also has the awesome ability to display only trips that cost under $10, finding the elusive $1 and $5 tickets.”  To use the tool, customers enter their departure location, travel date, and budget.  Wanderu returns a list of options, and customers can book their tickets directly through the website. The tool is currently available in North America, but expansion to Europe is planned.  Link to full story in BostInno.

Image source: Token Transit

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