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Edmonton Transit adds real-time info

What do Boston and Edmonton have in common? Transit operators in both cities have endorsed Transit as their preferred mobile application.

Edmonton Transit System (AB) has installed live location technology on all 928 buses and took the opportunity to name Transit as the go-to app for its customers.

Edmonton installed GPS and live location updates at a cost of $18 million. The technology also supports automated stop announcements, which are presented in audio and video format.

The live tracking data will be available to other software developers and will continue to support Edmonton’s own app. The agency’s ETS Live-to-Go app has received poor reviews, however, and a survey of 8,000 riders showed a preference for Transit.

“To me, it was a logical connection,” said ETS transit manager Eddie Robar, speaking about the decision to endorse the Transit app.  “Transit’s really good at transit … We’re looking at what we do best and really focusing on our core service.”

The agency’s website and Facebook page also direct customers to use Google Maps in addition to Transit and the ETS apps.  Link to full story in Edmonton Journal.

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