Metrorail train arriving at L'Enfant Plaza

WMATA targets red-light problem

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (DC) hopes a combination of brighter signals and speed restrictions will keep Metrorail operators from running red lights.

The recommendations follow an internal review of 88 incidents since 2011 when train operators overran signals. A Federal Transit Administration safety directive also targets the same problem.

Metro plans to upgrade signals with brighter LED bulbs at six locations. In addition, the agency wants to cap the top speed on trains at 59 mph, instead of the design speed of 75 mph. Further, in situations when operators are permitted to override speed commands, Metro recommends limiting train speeds to 10 mph instead of the current 75 mph.

WMATA expects to introduce the required software changes over the next two years. Link to full story in The Washington Post.

Photo credit: Larry Levine/WMATA

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