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Cell phone woes

Cell phones are causing problems all over: TriMet riders have upgrade troubles and New York-area transit agencies warn customers about exploding phone batteries.

First, the TriMet (OR) mobile fare payment application does not appear to be compatible with the latest Android upgrade. The Oregonian reports that users who upgraded to Android 7.0 say that TriMet Tickets crashes upon startup.  The Android update was released on August 22.

“Users who are experiencing issues can sign up to be a part of the app beta test group and the feedback provided will be utilized to continue to improve the app,” said spokeswoman Angela Murphy in an email to The Oregonian. “TriMet is committed to making sure all customer issues are addressed and any ticketing issues are corrected. We appreciate our customers’ patience as we work through these issues.”

TriMet said that fewer than 2% of Android users reported a problem. App developer Moovel North America is working on a fix but has not released a timeline.  Link to full story in The Oregonian.

Across the country, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NY) and NJ TRANSIT are asking customers and employees not to use or charge Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile devices on transit property.  This safety warning comes after reports of defective lithium batteries allegedly causing fires.

“We are asking our customers who have the Galaxy Note7 to simply turn it off before entering an NJ TRANSIT facility or boarding a vehicle,” said interim executive director Dennis Martin in a statement. “Because of the uncertainties surrounding this device, we are issuing this precautionary advisory to ensure the safety of all of our customers.”  The MTA used social media to issue its warning with the following tweet: “No reported cases of #GalaxyNote7 igniting on MTA property, but customers and employees should avoid using them.”  Samsung has recalled the phones because of the battery problem.

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Update: The Oregonian reports that TriMet Tickets has fixed the Android incompatibility issue.

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