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Lyft and SPLT team up to provide medical transport in Detroit

Carpooling application SPLT is teaming up with ride-hailing company Lyft to provide non-emergency medical transportation in underserved markets.  And to make it easier for seniors, who make up much of the target market, customers will be able to schedule a trip using text messaging, a phone call, a website, or a smart phone app.

The service will launch in Detroit (MI) this fall and will initially serve Beaumont Health clients. “It’s our mission to connect people and communities through effective, affordable, safe and accessible transportation, and SPLT’s concept is a great way to deliver our services to the underserved,” said Gyre Renwick, head of enterprise healthcare partnerships at Lyft, in a statement. “Getting a patient to their doctor appointment can lower the cost – and increase — the quality of care.”

SPLT will conduct the back-end work of managing insurance reimbursement, dispatching vehicles, regulatory reporting, marketing, and customer service. Lyft will provide the transportation.  The companies are working to reduce the lead time for reservations from several days — common with current medical transportation providers — to a few hours.  Link to full story in Next City.

Photo credit: Oscar Yasser Noriega/Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0) Note: License plate blurred out

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