Graphic showing components of shared use mobility

New toolkit helps cities assess shared use mobility options

A new interactive toolkit is designed to help cities expand bikesharing, carsharing, and other forms of shared mobility throughout their regions.

The Shared-Use Mobility Center released the toolkit, which was developed in partnership with 27 North American cities.

The online toolkit includes the following components:

  • Shared Mobility Benefits Calculator — Allows users to assess benefits from implementing transportation improvements, including potential decreases in greenhouse gas emissions, reductions in vehicle miles traveled, and cost savings.
  • Shared Mobility Policy Database — Contains more than 700 North American policies, studies, and strategic plans to help guide local governments in developing their own approaches to managing shared mobility options.
  • Interactive Shared Mobility Mapping and Opportunity Analysis Tool — Displays shared mobility vehicle locations and related information for more than 50 North American cities to help localities better identify service gaps and potential opportunities for expansion.

“Shared mobility is a powerful solution that cities can use to increase access to transportation, extend public transit, lessen traffic congestion, and mitigate harmful emissions,” said SUMC executive director Sharon Feigon in a statement. “We hope this new toolkit will help cities in their efforts to craft policies and programs that support the growth of mobility options in communities where more choices are needed.” Link to toolkit and related report.

Image source: SUMC

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