Commemorative TAP card for Gold Line extension

Weekend round-up

Some stories you may have missed last week: Metro issues commemorative TAP card for Gold Line extension, Seattle bikeshare seeks $1.4 million bailout, and Moovit now covers 50 Canadian cities.

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CA) is issuing a commemorative TAP smart card to mark the new Gold Line extension to Azusa.  The card uses a photo that Metro Rail operator Mike Santillan took with his smart phone camera. “This has been a very unique experience for me,” Santillan said. “And it’s been great to be part of history as rail comes to our region.” Link to full story in The Source.

Pronto, the bicycle-sharing program in Seattle (WA), needs a bailout. The program is seeking $1.4 million from the Seattle City Council; without the funds, the system will run out of money by the end of March and the city might be required to pay back more than $1 million in federal grants. If the council approves the request, the Seattle Department of Transportation will purchase Pronto’s equipment and take over ownership from the nonprofit Puget Sound Bike Share. Link to full story in Next City.

Moovit, the mobile application that supports transit trip planning and real-time updates, now covers more than 50 Canadian cities.  Moovit attributes its success to a network of community editors; some 30,000 volunteers have added data for 100 cities over the past year. “With the help of our community editors, we’ve been able to launch in over 100 cities that we otherwise would not have had access to data for,” says PR communications manager Lindsay Cumming. Link to full story in TechVibes.

Photo credit: The Source | Image by Mike Santillan

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