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Los Angeles debuts multimodal trip planner

The City of Los Angeles is introducing the Go LA mobile application, an itinerary planner that integrates multimodal options for getting around the metro area.

The app compares all available options for making a trip and allows users to select the shortest, cheapest, or greenest alternative. The app incorporates information about walking, biking, driving and parking, public transportation, taxi, and services like Lyft, Zipcar, Uber, and FlitWays (although MyNewsLA observes that users cannot compare Uber and Lyft directly but must choose one or the other).

“The Go LA app will help Angelenos get where they want to go by connecting smart technology with infrastructure,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti in a statement. “Go LA gives users the opportunity to move around in smarter, faster, cheaper, and greener ways by linking them to all the transportation options available to them — from freeways to Metro to bike routes — while also providing the city with useful data to help us make policy decisions that benefit residents.”  The app shares anonymized information about destination and preferred travel mode with the city to support planning and investment decisions.

Other mobile apps — including TransLoc, RideScout, Citymapper, and Transit — also include multimodal travel information, although the number of services and level of integration varies.

The City of Los Angeles is piloting the Go LA app in partnership with Xerox.

Image source: Los Angeles Department of Transportation

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