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BART to install working cameras in trains

Just a few days after Bay Area Rapid Transit (CA) admitted that some of its surveillance cameras were decoys, officials said they will replace the fakes with working cameras.

“BART has committed to install a working camera system on each and every train car as quickly as possible,” said spokeswoman Alicia Trost in a statement.  “Staff is already working on funding options, a procurement plan, and deployment strategy.”

The San Francisco Chronicle first reported the decoy cameras after a shooting on board a train at the West Oakland station.  Cameras captured images of the suspect before and after the shooting, via cameras in BART stations and on a Tri Delta Transit bus, but no video was available in the rail car where the incident took place.  Link to full story in San Francisco Chronicle.

Update: In response to a public records request from the San Francisco Chronicle, BART acknowledged that only 22.6% of its cars had working on-board surveillance cameras. Link to full story in SFGate.

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  1. Weekend round-up - - February 8, 2016

    […] Bay Area Rapid Transit (CA) has begun to install digital camera on every train car in its fleet.  The equipment will be installed during regular mainentance hours without disrupting service. The project cost of $1.42 million will come out of BART’s operating budget, supplemented by federal funds, if available. “The security of our riders is important to us, and builds a foundation for public trust,” said BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost in a statement. “We are responsive to safety concerns, and are confident these steps will effectively address them as our needs have evolved.”  A recent story in the San Francisco Chronicle revealed that many of BART’s on-board security cameras were decoys. […]

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