TransLoc app with Uber integration

TransLoc and Uber team up to tackle last-mile problem

On Monday, TransLoc and Uber announced a partnership that enables customers to plan a seamless multimodal journey from a single mobile application.

Transit riders can input their destination into the TransLoc Rider app and receive an itinerary with the optimal combination of walking, transit, and Uber. Other transit agencies have partnered with Uber, but their apps typically only provide a link to Uber’s website. Because the Uber API is integrated into the TransLoc app, the trip request is already defined when users click the Uber button.

“This partnership marries the strengths of public transportation with the strengths of Uber,” TransLoc director of strategy and partnerships Josh Cohen told The Transit Wire. He added that the Uber component helps to address the first- and last-mile problem that often vexes transit properties. “What is most excting to transit agencies is the ability to help solve a problem without making operational changes,” he said.

“Our mission is to take mass transit from last resort for some, to first choice for all.” said TransLoc CEO Doug Kaufman in a statement. “The partnership with Uber will help advance us toward this goal and make public transit a viable option for everyone, not just people who live within a quarter of a mile of a stop.”

The app will debut in February for six-month trials at two properties: GoTriangle (NC) and Memphis Area Transit Authority (TN).

Image source: TransLoc

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