Map showing calories burned by walking between subway stations

Weekend round-up

Some stories you may have missed last week: Calgary and Honolulu pursue solar power and two apps encourage transit users to get out and walk.

In 2012, Calgary Transit (AB) became the first system in North America to run its light rail system on wind-generated electricity. Now the agency is considering tapping into solar power for its new Green Line. Mac Logan, general manager for transportation, said the city is looking at several options for the service. “We would like to incorporate a solar component specifically around the station amenities,” he said in response to a question from a city councilor, adding that the city wants to ensure that the new rail line will be 100% wind powered. Link to full story in Metro News.

The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HI) is also looking to the sun.  HART wants to use solar energy to power the city’s rail transit system, which is currently under construction.  “We are looking to put out photovoltaic panels to generate the energy, which would save us up to 35% of our costs,” said Dan Grabuskas, executive director and CEO. Link to full story in Pacific Business News.

A new Android application called Turn Off The App, Go Outside wants to make it easier for people to reach the great outdoors via transit.  The Seattle-based app identifies bus routes that can are near trailheads and recommends hiking options based on location and timing. TOTAGO developer Open PlanIt is working on an iPhone app. Link to full story in The Daily.

An online map  from UK health-care company shows New Yorkers how many calories they can burn by walking between Metropolitan Transportation Authority subway stations instead of riding the train. The website says that its goal is not to discourage people from taking the train but to encourage them to build more activity into their commute.  “We aren’t suggesting that you should spend hours every day walking to work,” the site explains. “However, what we are attempting to highlight is that making small changes to your commute can make a substantial difference.” previously made a calorie-count map for the London Tube. Link to full story in CityLab.

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