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It’s all about that bus . . . and other musical stories

A musical interlude today.

First, it’s all about that … bus. Meghan Trainor’s song “All About That Bass” has inspired at least three bus-related parodies.

The Akron METRO RTA (OH) pays homage on YouTube (“If you don’t know how to ride don’t you worry about it at all/We have free travel training so go ahead and give us a call”) and the UTC Mockingbirds covered their own version on behalf of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga campus shuttle.

But maybe the most original version comes from a group of activist nuns. Using the hashtag #nuntrouble, Nuns on the Bus are participating cross-country tour, organized by NETWORK, A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby, to urge people to vote on November 4 (“We the people care, so we the people vote”). “We wanted to show that being together in a community is fun and it’s a place where we get hope,” Nuns on the Bus leader Sister Simone Campbell told The Huffington Post. “A bit of laughter is really good for the spirit.”  (And on the topic of Election Day, read CityLab’s assessment of the impact of free transit on voting.)

Meanwhile, in New York, a group of subway musicians collaborated via WiFi and Skype to create an online video. The New York Daily News reports that director Chris Shimojima and producer Anita Anthonj worked with nine musicans on a piece of music called “Signal Strength,” which was arranged by local composer Ljova.  The musicians were in different Metropolitan Transportation Authority stations and could not hear one another, making it a challenge to play in sync.  “The musicians just went with it,” Anthonj said. “They all did it a little differently, but they just pushed out their best version of this. … They all did an incredible job.”  Who says subway WiFi is just for checking email?

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