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Weekend round-up

Some stories you may have missed: Solar bus in Australia, a bad day for Google Street View, and TriMet reports early success for its mobile ticket app.

The Adelaide City Council has introduced the world’s first solar-powered electric bus that is recharged using 100% solar energy. The bus itself has no solar panels but instead is powered by electricity from solar panels installed on the city’s central bus station. Named Tindo, an Aboriginal word for “sun,” the vehicle is the newest addition to the free Adelaide Connector Bus service. The solar installation was funded by the Adelaide City Council and the Australian Government through the Adelaide Solar City Program. The bus can travel about 125 miles between charges and a regenerative braking system saves up to 30% energy consumption.  The bus is manufactured by New Zealand company Designline International.  Link to Tindo fact sheet [PDF].

In Indonesia, a Google Street View car hit two buses and a truck in a chain-reaction traffic accident in the Bogor district of Jakarta.  After first hitting a public transportation minivan, the Street View driver started to exchange papers with the minivan driver but apparently panicked and took off.  “He did accompany the minivan driver to the garage, but he said he was scared the repair fee would be high, so he got in his damaged car and fled,” said Hendra Gunaan of the Bogor district police in an interview with the AFP.  The minivan driver took chase and after about two miles the Google Street View driver crashed into another minivan and — in trying to flee the scene — hit a parked truck.  That’s when he was taken into custody. “We take incidents like this very seriously. We’re working closely with local authorities to address the situation,” said Vishnu Mahmud, head of communications for Google in Indonesia.  Link to full story in PC Mag.

Riders keep downloading the TriMet (OR) Tickets mobile app. As of September 11, a week after the app launched, 21,700 mobile tickets and passes had been sold, generating more than $100,000 in sales. Read more about the mobile app here.

Photo credit: donjd2/Flickr

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